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Our Saturday Situation was a play off of Scandal this week. Fitz was steaming over discovering his wife was cheating on him. Granted he is a cheat too, but that didn’t seem to factor into his fury.

Do you think men take cheating harder than women?

  • Yep. Another man came in their domain and took their spoils.
  • Women are better suited to deal with disloyalty men have egos and that wont allow us to move on
  • No! Men are just far faster to end things; while women play at staying and plot their way out
  • Men become upset when women cheat because they know it’s more emotional than physical. Most men can just hit it and keep it moving
  • Yes cheating for a man is harder to accept because they could never let go the fact another man penetrated
  • Yes because sorry to say but we as women are not as messy as a man if you ever find or catch a woman cheating is because at some point she just didn’t care
  • Men feel it’s OK for them to cheat on us but once we cheat on them we are know as a slut and whore etc but if they can’t take it then don’t dish it


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