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Rapper Jim Jones and his lady, Chrissy have a new reality show that focuses on whether they will get married after 11 years together. 

When it comes to long engagements (2 years or more), is it better to take the time to get ready for marriage or is it a sign that someone really doesn’t want to get married?

  • I made it known early. You had to ask me by year 5 and had to be married by year 7.
  • Well in their situation he’s a busy rapper she’s a busy business woman. At times it’s difficult to manage your hustle and to make wedding arrangement. If it’s meant to be they’ll make time for it.
  • I tend to ask that question kinda early on, to avoid stuff like that. 11 years? Nope
  • In my case it was a sign that someone really doesn’t want to get married. That someone was ME.
  • If i was engaged for 11 years i would leave my fiancee just for not leaving me years ago
  • I see why she’s stayed but…..I want to get married but that is just a piece of paper in a way…And of course a oath under God which a lot don’t follow…..(Both sexes) She loves him…..But if he doesn’t want to actually be Married she can’t make him. And there may be someone who will:) I think we get to comfortable and fear the unknown. Either she needs to accept or move on… She’s dope:)
  • Not ready. 11 years is way to long