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Whenever Ledisi’s vocal cords begin to vibrate, gems come spilling out like overflowing treasure. The Grammy-award nominated artist’s voice has echoed through the White House eight times and is hailed as one of the best of our generation. Her concerts attract music lovers near and far and Patti LaBelle, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Zendaya and the late great Prince all proclaimed their adoration for the Nawlins native, who’s catalog is just as rich as the culture from her hometown.

Now, with a new focus and inspiring weight loss journey, Ledisi is back with her forthcoming album. We caught up with the vocal powerhouse, who shared her thoughts on the project and new single.

HelloBeautiful: What was the inspiration behind this single?

Ledisi: The inspiration is about finding the good in life no matter how crazy the world is around me. I just want to feel good. Anyone else wants that? High was a conversation that became a song. It’s all in the song.

HB: The lyric video is different that than what most of us have seen, please share with the readers the concept of the lyric video and what made you choose this direction?

Ledisi: I was inspired by the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh PA and I participated in a screen test display. You had to sit there for 5 minutes and just BE. That was awkward for me. I thought “Wow, that was strange and interesting. Not given any direction just existing in a space on camera while other people are in the room walking around watching you.” You became a part of the museum on display. It felt like being an Artist for real. (Laughing) From that moment I said, “I wanna make a lyric video like this!” Luckily, my label has been going along with my new found freedom in artistic expression.

HB: The video shows a lot of vulnerability that the public doesn’t often see, how did it feel to let go? Is there a message that you can share with our audience? 

Ledisi: You’re right I don’t show this much of myself. I think since I have been acting more it’s teaching me how to let go. Go back to the basics of being human.  We don’t love our full selves enough.  I’m excited and enjoying this new found joy of expressing myself without the pressure of worrying about what others will think. My project “The Truth,” is where this progress began. I learned that boxes do exist for people. “Stay in your lane” is what is always said. I will never fit into a box that people try to place on me. My lane is huge. I had someone I admire say to me “Just Sing.” I wasn’t offended,  I felt bad for them. How can you feel comfortable enough to put limits on me that you wouldn’t put on yourself? I’ll always Sing! And I do that very well. But I will never “Just Sing.” I’m so much more than that. If I want to express myself through song, dance, acting, philanthropy, writing or painting I will do just that. To BE is the ultimate freedom. BE YOU. That is what I hope my audience will get from this. I hope they feel inspired, but that has nothing to do with me. I can only do my Art. Now If they do my version of a HIGH lyric video I’ll repost it. It’s a crazy experience.

HB: As well as with the single having a new sound, what can fans expect moving forward? (i.e. new image, music, sound etc.)

Ledisi: They can expect another amazing project from an amazing ARTIST named Ledisi.

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