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Source: HECTOR RETAMAL / Getty

FEMA thought people wouldn’t notice the data that went missing from their website regarding the devastation in Puerto Rico.

The dreadful stats are back up for now – less than one in eight people in PR have electricity, barely half have water – and Status.PR has regular status updates in case the numbers mysteriously go missing again.

The Washington Post reports:

At some point this week, the Federal Emergency Management Agency removed information from its website documenting how much of the island of Puerto Rico still lacked power or access to drinking water. Instead, our Jenna Johnson reported, the federal agency was relaying only positive information, documenting how many federal workers were on the ground and the extent to which roads had been cleared.

Experts predict that it will take months to repair the electrical grid enough that most residents of the island have power. For months, then, the numbers above will be below 100 percent, a constant reminder of how much work the administration still has to do before Puerto Rican society has been restored to where it was before Hurricane Maria hit.

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