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An English man is going viral after he went above and beyond to lose his virginity at 45 years old. It turns out Andrew Wardle was born without a penis, but will now be able to get it in like the late Hugh Hefner after doctors made him a bionic baby arm.

From TMZ: “There are no limits to the lengths men will go to have sex … an English man born without a penis lost his virginity at 45 after doctors created a bionic one!!! Andrew Wardle finally lost his v-card with gf Fedra Fabian after getting his new member … and he had to endure a 10-hour procedure and a 10-day erection before making his first trip to pound town … worth it though! Doctors constructed the bionic member using skin from Andrew’s arm and nerves from his legs … and he says it’s even BIGGER than he expected.”

Wardle’s birth abnormality is extremely rare, as according to the site only one-in-20-million babies suffer from it. “…It wasn’t until his 30s he discovered docs might be able to fashion him a schlong with a procedure dubbed a phalloplasty,” TMZ states. “Andrew had the 10-hour procedure in June, then spent 10 days with a painful hard-on and was forced to wait another 6 weeks before getting down with his chick.”

“So many questions!!” – @CahnRuss

“Will it need to be oiled on a regular basis?” – @swtsalt

“Whaat…no pics?” – @moxie12345678

“I could have gone my whole life without knowing that.” – @mtoni93

The procedure isn’t cheap and will run you about $65,000. But, fellas, can you imagine going forty-five years without hitting a home run? We didn’t think so—and apparently, it also looks just like any other penis.

For those who already have a wiener but need some extra length, check out this story about a man many refer to as ‘Dr. Penis.’ The Park avenue plastic surgeon claims he can increase the girth of your member by a lot with a non-surgical procedure.  Alexa, play “Sex With Me” by Rihanna.


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