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Via Madamenoire:

On Wednesday, Will Smith took a page out of wife Jada Pinkett‘s book and joined the Facebook Watch family, debuting his new series, Will Smith’s Bucket List. The 50-year-old kicked off the thrill-seeking show with an episode where he had his family (Jada, Trey, Jaden, mama Adrienne and her husband Rodney) travel to Dubai with him to skydive for his milestone birthday. Willow sat out the trip because as the actor told everyone, “She told me it’s stupid.”

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The family was given the rundown on what their skydiving experience would be like, and even did some light training beforehand, but nothing could prepare them for the actual experience. Everyone completed the dive, but not without a scare.

“Rodney passed out,” Will shared as Smith’s father-in-law actually suffered a heart attack during his jump. When he landed, he appeared to be unconscious.

The ambulance was called and Rodney was taken to the Saudi German Hospital in Dubai.

“Rodney had a mild heart attack after jumping out of the plane. He has to have a procedure tomorrow, and he has to stay in the hospital for a week,” Will told his manager over the phone after the incident. “That’s a rough start to the Bucket List.”

Thankfully though, Rodney was fine after all. He was diagnosed overall with a “minor heart contusion,” which is a bruise of the heart muscle that can occur during bodily injury, and when a person falls from heights greater than 20 feet. If the bruising is very severe, an individual can die if they aren’t able to quickly receive treatment. In Rodney’s case, the bruising wasn’t too great, and after 24 hours in the hospital, he was given the green light to fly back home with the family.

“So long story short, Rodney had a mild heart attack when he jumped. He’s fine,” Will told Jaden and Trey.

“The whole idea of the bucket list is mortality. You gotta live a certain way,” he added. “You have to live the way that is most unique and organic for you because you never know.”

Another good thing is that despite Rodney’s heath scare, he was able to join everyone on a dreamy boat ride at the end of the episode, all smiles as he recounted his skydive gone left.

“When I first went out the door it was like, ‘What the hell?’” he said. In response, Jaden joked that despite how it worked out, he did, technically have a successful dive.

“Does it count if I don’t remember?” Rodney said as the family all laughed.

Crazy start to Will Smith’s Bucket List, but quite entertaining. Check out the first episode below:

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