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1. It’s Been A Long Night, But Election Results Are In

What You Need To Know:

Many political observers have noted Tuesday election results were good indications about how voters are feeling about Donald Trump.

2. No More Time to Waste: Biden Unveiled Climate Change Plan With Energy Revamp

What You Need To Know:

Joe Biden presented the second plank of his economic plan Tuesday afternoon.

3. Coronavirus Update: Fauci Not Leaving the Coronavirus Task Force Despite Public Feud With Trump

What You Need To Know:

Tensions between the Trump administration and infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci continue to escalate as the pandemic spreads through the majority of the country.

4. Stephen Hill Commentary On Washington Football Club


What You Need To Know:

Ok, here’s the truth. When Sybil asked me to write on this subject for the newsletter, I was at first reluctant as only half of the process is complete. In a romantic comedy, the movie doesn’t end when the couple breaks apart; we must learn how they get back together.

5. Why Taxes Continue To Be A Sunken Place For African Americans?

What You Need To Know:

Let’s face it, preparing your taxes can be a difficult if not arduous process, and for several years now the IRS has advocated for a free filing system to make it easier for Americans to complete their taxes.


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