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It’s election day and Roland Martin is emphasizing how democracy is at stake during this election.  Martin is encouraging black people to show up and vote! He asks, if voting wasn’t so important, then why are they trying so hard for us not to do it?

If you’re looking for your sign to get up and hit the polls before the day is over, this is your sign.  Hear Rolan Martin speak in the video below.

See the full transcript below.

Rickey Smiley Morning Show: 

How are you doing, Roland? Whoa, I know you got so much to talk about I ain’t gone even start with you today, man democracy, let’s start with democracy at stake.

Roland Martin: 

I think every person listening especially every black person, they need to understand what is on the other side of hell. And if you understand and I broke this down in my book white fear how the browning of America is making white folks lose their mind. And that’s what’s going on right now. These folks are pissed off with 2020, they had pissed off and Obama had eight years, and what they want to put into place that will unleash against us. And it’s a lot of black folks I’ve been I’ve been dealing with them fools on Twitter, but building a platform and talking about uhh yea. But you know, we need this. And we need that. First of all, I’ve had folks coming at me talking about what we haven’t gotten Democrats haven’t done this. Well, first of all, if you black get this the lowest you’ve ever had a number of black people who are uninsured as a result of the Affordable Care Act, that didn’t happen because Republicans HBCUs did not get $6 billion in the last two years, because of Republicans. When you talk about student loan debt, forgiving up to 10,000 20,000 with grants blackboards will be disproportionately impacted. Who’s against that Republicans. If Democrats lose control of the House, all that’s gone. That’s gone. Congressman, Bobby Scott, for the education labor committee, that he is not the one who is sitting there. In charge of that you don’t have Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who was chairing the Financial Services Committee, dealing with redlining and these banks and hold them accountable. We’re talking about David Scott out of Georgia is the first black woman to be the chair of the Agriculture Committee. Now you talking about what that really happening with black farmers? And so are the people who sit here and complain all day saying, We haven’t gotten there haven’t gotten that. Understand. There have been a number of things that black folks have gotten. But what do you think is gonna happen when they’re in charge, they want to return our phone call. They won’t even say black. And so they want to steal elections. They are running people, not only as governor and Secretary of State, but also the board of election. Bill already tried to invalidate black voters challenging black voters in Pennsylvania, in Georgia and all across the country. And so the folk who say, Well, this stuff don’t matter. This whole we provide slavery no yo and didn’t survive slavery, the folk before you did. Some of these folks can’t even survive not having a phone to be on social media for an hour. And so what we need to understand is that this is a critical election. And if you want something, you’ve got to vote, and you’ve been after the election, got to hold him accountable, to give you what you voted for. Right.

Rickey Smiley Morning Show: 

Great Roland. I’ve been watching you talking about this since your book came out. And man, you are so on point, and so many people need to hear. Well, I wish you I wish some of your rants were mandatory listening for high school students, because I think voting rights and the rollback of civil rights is one thing that a lot of us don’t understand. With the change of, you know, Democratic leadership to Republican leadership. You speak on the Voting Rights and the civil rights that we’re looking at.

Roland Martin: 

And they are and they are specifically targeting young people. You have clerks voting clerks, who are moving early voting locations off of college campuses, saying, hey, so many young people voting down at Prairie View A&M been fighting with Waller County for decades. And this is real simple. If they if the vote does not matter why in the hell would they be trying so hard to keep us from actually doing it? So then you look at Gary chambers just dropped the video a couple days ago. By early voting Louisiana. That’d be my black was Louisiana said, hey, look, What are y’all doing? Here? A 900,000. Register black and Louisiana. You only 10% voted during early voting. Just that Senator John Kennedy won last time with 536,000 votes, if just 55% of black people in Louisiana alone, if just 55% of black people vote and let’s say 20% of white folks voted for Gary, guess what? Kennedy loses. I need us to understand we literally have power. I was just in tech Isn’t Thursday and Friday Communication Workers for Americans 8.8% of the early vote in Texas was black. If Black people comprise 12 to 15% of all turnout, guess what? We went across the board. Statewide, Beto is Governor. The lieutenant governor that we got for attorney general. We win we can go state by state, North Carolina, if black folks turnout in both our numbers. Sherry Beasley, a sister is the next US senator from North Carolina. If Black people in Milwaukee vote he should Mandela Barnes become a US senator. If Black people in Pennsylvania both the way we should now I know somebody saying man, I get I get them those silly negros or you are here should you talk about we should be supporting Democrats? Well, let’s see here. Which party voted to cap insulin for Big Mama at $35. Right. Democrats who voted against capping insulin. Republicans with a black folks were gunned down in Buffalo who voted for the bill to sanction white supremacist in America. Democrats did. The deal was sponsored by Jamaal Bowman, Congressman from New York who voted against that deal. Republicans see I never identified as a Democrat or Republican. What I have done is look at who votes for stuff that we want as black people and who votes against us. And there is nothing this Maga Republican Party has done that will make me even consider voting for any of them. Anybody black, who’s sitting there on the fence and you dancing around. Oh, and by the way, black men and others in Georgia, keep talking about what Brian Kemp was done for black businesses. Let me be real clear. Black businesses in Georgia have received less than 1% of all state contracts.


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