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Sista-hood brunch

Source: Star Harris

I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh no, not another Women’s Empowerment Brunch!” But I am here to tell you that this Sista-Hood brunch was different from those fake and phony spaces. It was one full of real women having honest conversations about what it looks like to show up for one another in sisterhood in its fullness.

Sista-hood Brunch

Source: Star Harris / Star Harris

Sponsored by Uncle Nearest, 333 Lounge, and The Small Business Suite, Sista-Hood celebrates healthy friendships among Black women. Conveaux, founded by Danisha Baughan, is a space dedicated to empowering individuals through solution-driven conversations and interactive events. She teamed up with longtime sista-friend Shea Brown, who also created HerCollectively, to curate events around building community. Together, these two women are passionate about uplifting women and fostering meaningful connections. That’s why hosting an event dedicated to exploring the essence of sisterhood among black friends and promoting healthy friendships within our community was a no-brainer.

Danish and shea on stage

Source: Star Harris / L-R: Danisha Baughan, Shea Brown

Marsha and Danisha on stage

Source: Star Harris / L-R: Marsha Badger, Danisha Baughan

Set against the backdrop of Flatbush, Brooklyn, our very own senior editor Marsha Badger moderated a panel with the Bossy Boos, a group of girlfriends that pride themselves on showing up for one another in every way. The collective consists of Dr. Josephine Yeboah Van-Ess, Dr. Georgette Branch, Tameeka D. McNeil, and Dr. Arabelle LaCroix Pembroke.

Sista-hood panel

Source: Star Harris / L-R: Marsha Badger, Tameeka D. McNeil, Dr. Arabelle LaCroix Pembroke, Dr. Josephine Yeboah Van-Ess, Dr. Georgette Branch, Danisha Baughan

For this sister circle, showing up means being a mirror for your homegirl even when it’s hard because sometimes the grace you extend your friends comes with accountability. Grace was one of the biggest topics on the panel — McNeil added, “We must extend grace to everyone in our lives because we all fall short.”

sista-hood brunch

Source: Star Harris L-R: Shea Brown, Kennisha Dennis, Danisha Baughan

Amid the sistahood celebration, “Black Girls Can” was celebrated as a beacon of light within the community, earning recognition for its impactful presence. Kennisha Dennis created the organization to empower Black girls through confidence-building and leadership development and was recognized for its impactful presence at the event. Black Girls Can provide hands-on STEM, arts, and entrepreneurial workshops to promote self-worth, well-roundedness, and curiosity among Black girls. It aims to reach 1 million girls by 2030.

It was also a celebration of small businesses, such as shops like Available for Brunch, which help you stay ready for brunch so you don’t have to get ready and help you be your own style icon with some fly pieces. 

Then, there’s Sisters 3 Tea with their tropical-flavored teas that just make life better. The company’s mission is to provide healthy and tasty beverages in the community. Their organic tea blends are sourced globally and packaged in Brooklyn, New York. The company focuses on environmental responsibility and designs its products with the customer’s daily needs in mind.

Women of sisters 3 tea

Source: Star Harris

The brunch wrapped with a candid conversation led by Classic Wellness Studio Co-Owner and Women in Power Founder Kadeisha Placide, Baughan, and Brown. From empowering women with the tools they need to be successful to making sure events are wholly inclusive, the theme was collaboration over competition.

Women chatting on a couch

Source: Star Harris / L-R: Kadeisha Placide, Shea Brown, Danisha Baughan

At the end of the day, women are everything. We need each other and these women are the proof. 


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