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Baas Productions Shelia A. Brown is an upcoming local Playwright who tells it like it is in her new hit stage play “She’s A Dog Too”. The play takes a vivid look into the lives of women who cheat. “She’s A Dog Too” genuinely explores deception, love and lust while exposing the men and children affected by the emotional turmoil of cheaters.

Shelia A. Brown even examines the sociological and mental state of a female cheater … her needs beyond physical attraction and sex. Whitney (Ann Della) is a Diva addicted to a pampered lifestyle of maids Angela (Meyressa Hauser), cars, designer clothes and other material things, until she meets sexy trainer Mark (Roderick Palmer). Things begin to spin out of control in a world of cover, humiliation and deceit. What is she willing to sacrifice to be fulfilled?

So engaged in the developing story line my heart cried out for the unsuspecting and loving husband Randolph (Parris Watkins) father, provider and protector. Would he ever find out and if so, what would be the devastating repercussions. Sitting on the edge of my seat a heart beat away from tears and a smile away from laughter. A frightening voice of reason from beyond speaks out John (Mack T. Smith) a womanizer who died from aids in the Shelia A. Brow play, Mr. Man, Mr. Dog.

The energy started back stage with a cast of notable actors, models, singers, directors and over all talent. Naturally transcending on stage and touching everyday lives with realness and light humor.

I give “She’s A Dog Too” a ***** Star Review noteing:  wardrobe, elegant set design, sound, lighting, music and theme song (writers performers Jean Allison & Floyd D. White Jr.) and of course an outstanding cast. Including new comers Roderick Seward, Eddie Allison, 13 year old Dominique Riddick, Mack Allison IV and Steven Newman. Special mention to my girls Shenninta A. Newman and Dawn Fields.  To Cory Walker, Krishna J. Burrell II Mr. Muscles ;-) …Jerry Brown Sr and Barbara Phair job well done.

You can’t be of this world and not be affected by “She’s A Dog Too