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With 4 Oscar nods, 3 Sag and 1 Golden Globe award for her role in “The Help” Davis is proving to Hollywood that black actress is a necessity. Viola recently sat down with the LA Times to talk about her experiences and the plight of black woman in Hollywood.

On Getting a Big Break as a Woman of Color

“That really is our plight, especially as women of color. You can have all the training in the world, come from a respectable background and yet never get that big opportunity that breaks you out—never.”“I am doing this out of necessity. If I am not the instrument of change, I can meander through this business and be the black woman who always has two or three scenes but with fabulous actors around me.”

On Growing Up & Wanting to Do Theater

“Even back when I was 11, I knew that Isabel Sanford from The Jeffersons came from the stage. I never watched the Oscars, but I watched the Tonys every year. I wanted to be on stage. I wanted to be like Colleen Dewhurst or Jane Alexander—one of those great ladies of the theater, doing Ibsen and Shakespeare.”

On Being a Producer

“There are great characters in history whose stories need to be told, but also, look at this year’s line-up: Melancholia, Young Adult…Someone just had imagination, put pen to paper and created a [whole] human being. That is what I hope for myself…for a number of black actresses.”

“I’m hoping there are enough people out there who will have my back”.


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