Chad Ochocinco treated 200 of his twitter fans to dinner and drinks at Sylvia’s Restaurant in New York.

The New England Patriots tweeted. “1st 200 people at Sylvia’s Restaurant by 7 pm in Harlem. Leave ya money/credit cards at home. I got you this time.”

Within minutes, the place was packed. The Harlem restaurant tweeted:  ”The line for Ochocinco is wrapping around the corner!!”

Sources told TMZ that the total bill came to $7,914.

Ochocinco himself has since tweeted, “Now I’ve 200 new friends, even better 200 new friends have my phone number. Now that sh** is #Epic or #Crazy.” Hours later, he complained, “I gave 200 people my number and only 13 people have texted me. That’s rhino drpppings!!! I gave you my number to use it f**kers, let’s go.”

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