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George Zimmerman may have had to go back to jail a second time since he’s been charged with the second degree murder or Trayvon Martin, but that doesn’t mean that he’s lacking support. It seems the $150,000 that Zimmerman’s supporters have raised for him for his legal defense has grown to almost $200,000 and the former neighborhood watch volunteer even averages about $1,000 a day from the site.

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Zimmerman’s lawyer Mark O’Mara is claiming that the money raised for Zimmerman is already spent, saying Zimmerman has about $193,000 in his defense fund and that about $20,000 has been spent on living expenses, hotels and security. Zimmerman has been in hiding since the tragedy because of death threats. Oh woe is George Zimmerman for having to spend $20,000 of money that he actually has in his bank account that he lied about having in the first place. Zimmerman’s lawyers are trying to claim that the money that’s been raised has been used up.

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“It’s not again like they were trying to hide the money or leave with the money. They just had it… and felt like they needed to secure themselves,” the lawyer said.

Right, because that’s what you do in court–you lie to the judge. Clearly. Zimmerman’s defense also announced Tuesday it will delay filing a new motion for bond. The team says it will wait to file the motion ahead of a hearing that will be scheduled in “a few weeks.” So good news is–Zimmerman will rot in jail for a few more weeks.

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