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Patti Labelle just settled a law suit brought by one of her neighbors.

In Nov. of 2010, Patti was walking through the lobby of her residence, Trump Place in NYC. She noticed a youngster who she said was unsupervised. The child turned out to be 18 months old, and his mother , Roseanne Monk, was nearby.

Ms. Monk said Patti approached her with a scary ferocity and verbaly assaulted her, and poured a pitcher of water on her. This traumitized Ms. Monk and her child. She says her child was affected by the incident for weeks afterward, and the day of the event, kept shaking and vomiting. Ms. Monk said her outfit was also ruined.

Last week, Patti agreed to settle the suit for $100,000.

Ms. Monk said she will donate the money to charity and her lawyer said he will do the same with his fee.