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Evidently Rev Run and Tyrese have something in common and the two linked up to write a new book titled, “Manology: Secrets Of Your Man’s Mind Revealed”. The book is aimed at given women some insight on how men think and what makes them do what they do from a married man’s perspective and a single man’s perspective.


Rev is married with six kids and Tyrese is a single dad still hesitant to settle down. But after an unexpected disagreement in which Rev insisted that marriage is forever, and Tyrese pushed that you could bail when the sex went bad, the two decided not just to agree to disagree but to team up and open their debate to a larger audience. Even though they’re at different points in their journeys, both have clear insights on what it takes to make a relationship work and what can sink it instantly.

When did women start relying on men to give them relationship advice?

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