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Former Mayor of Baltimore  Sheila Dixon will decided if she will be running for public office again. Having completed probation on the criminal conviction that forced her from office, she says ” This is the year I’m going to decide, I’m not going to hide the fact that I enjoyed what I was doing during my 27 years in public office.”

In 2009 Dixon was convicted of stealing gift cards intended for the poor and, rather  go to trial on perjury charges, she agreed to resign from office. She also dropped any appeals, performed 500 hours of community service and gave $45,000 to charity. Dixon also agreed not to seek city or state office while on probation. In return, she kept an $83,000-a-year pension.

While Dixon acknowledges that she “of course” misses public office and is weighing a possible run in the future, she cautioned against reading too much into her upcoming talk.

“That doesn’t indicate anything,” she said, “except I was asked to speak.”

Dixon recently completed the probation she received to settle the criminal case against her.

If Sheila Dixon does run for office would you vote for her?


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