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Leading up to Draya Michele “106” appearance, the #AskDraya hash tag was used by many to attack the reality star’s parenting. Years ago, she was accused of abandoning her young son while she was allegedly out partying or stripping.

Draya said.“I’m starting to think they don’t really hate me. They’re admirers. They really just love me. I don’t deal with them. I just let them hate on their own.”

Draya continues,“The first thing is, of course, I don’t expect people to understand my life because it’s my life. You know I’m not a bad parent in any way.”

She said. “I’m lucky enough to have fans that actually followed me on the show, and they know the path that I’m trying to choose and set for my family. They followed me from day one, so they know exactly where I’m taking my family and the direction that I want to go.”

Draya was less informative about her fitness regimen. When asked how she keeps in shape, she didn’t share any tips with audience members who were speechless after her response.

“I can’t be giving away all my secrets now because then everyone would be walking around fine for no reason. I diet and, naw forget it; it’s natural. I’m just fine,” she said.

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