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Controversial rapper Kanye West  has pissed off  Civil-rights activist  Rev. Al Sharpton  by emblazoning the Confederate Flag symbol, traditionally recognized as a sign of oppression, hate, racism, and intimidation.

The Confederate Flag image will be part of Kanye’s  Yeezus tour merchandising product. Has Kanye claimed the racist flag that has been adopted for centuries by whites mainly in southern states as a in your face twist  racism and its meaning? Remember this is the same flag the flew in the background of thousands of lynched Slaves and Black Americans.

Can the outspoken rapper suddenly change the meaning by wearing it as a proud display and selling it for profit to concert goers?

Negative reactions have been strong and the most vocal is Rev Al Sharpton.

 “The Confederate flag symbolizes dehumanization, injustice and pain. It is a stark reminder of an era in our history that was defined by the abhorrent practice of slavery. And it is representative of a mentality that looked upon blacks as inferiors who needed to remain in the shackles of subservience.” … an infuriated Rev Al Sharpton President of The Action Network.

Kenye West has embraced the ignorance of historical white hate. Personally, I would be very offended to walk in a store that sole Confederate Flag merchandise.

However, Kanye believes this:  “I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag. It’s my flag now.”

This is an attack on the African American community from one of its own.” Nevertheless, it would not be the first time a Black rapper has worn the confederate symbol … Andre’ 3000 was the first in a music video to display the image.

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