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Saturday Situation – Curley female teacher was charged with sexual abuse of one of her students and some of the comments on facebook and twitter seemed to make light of the situation because sex with an older woman is a boy’s fantasy … not abuse.  If this was a male teacher, there would be no funny jokes.


Is there a difference between the way we view the sexual abuse of teen boys vs. sexual abuse of teen girls?

  • We wonder why men grow up say in hoes and thots when women like this destroying their minds
  • Yes! Most teen boys want to be with an older woman and I don’t think it is abuse if that is what he wants. Teen girls often don’t want the sex with an older man and are controlled mentally.
  • Yes, unfortunately it is viewed different. There is more pressure on young boys to have sex than it is for girls.
  • It absolutely should not be but I believe it is… As a mom of 2 boys ppl should understand that exposing children including boys to manipulative, coercive sexual activity at a young age can lead children to re-victimize others… I realize that ppl think boys are always up for sexual activity but it doesn’t mean it’s healthy and will lead that boy to make good decisions as a man!
  • Its the double standard. If he is a minor then she should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Doesnt matter!
  • Abuse of teen boys seems almost celebrated when both are emotional scarred after the experience


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