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Master P has been in a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife Sonya Miller since she filed for divorce in October after 24 years of marriage. On Monday, a judge awarded her sole custody of their four young kids after Master P failed to respond to her legal filings. He was also ordered to pay Sonya’s $75,000 legal fees. Master P said he was unaware there was even a hearing scheduled

P is now telling he worries his ex’s alleged addiction troubles will affect her ability to properly look after their children.

He said, “This is disappointing and embarrassing to me.. I just got back into town from holding basketball camps in Kentucky, helping at-risk youth and have to come back home to deal with negativity in my own family. How can a judge grant custody to an unfit mother whose only motive for gaining custody is to get more money? Sonya’s only concern is herself, partying and hanging out with her friends…”

P continued, “I didn’t need the court or judge to tell me to do what’s right for my kids, that’s what I want to do and that’s my lifelong commitment to all of my kids,” he said. “Sonya knows that she has a drug and alcohol addiction, everyone else will see that there is a real problem because that’s something you can only hide for so long. If anything happens to my kids while they’re in her custody, I will be suing her attorneys as well as the court system for not properly investigating this case.”