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Social media was on fire this week with debate about the good and bad of shows like Empire and My Husband Is Not Gay. Are we taking TV way too seriously?

  • I think we’re reading too much into it. If people want to live like that (reality show speaking) and be portrayed like that, let them. If you don’t like it, turn off the tv.
  • These reality shows are people’s daily lives (some are scripted) but most are daily lives which is degrading and disgusting. I will watch a tv show verses a reality show any day
  • It’s good to see black (actors/actresses) on prime time, there is still stereotypes portrayed about us that are not necessarily needed to sell a good show.
  • I think black people always complain about how our community is portrayed on fictitious shows, but do not complain about the problems they have in their own community. And the moment another community or race comments about the problems in our community, then it’s racism. We need to focus in on real life, and leave tv to entertain.
  • Its an agenda hollywood is pushing now, its promoting CURIOSITY, i feel sorry for the young generation cause they’ll be real confused about gender

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