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Had a great online debate about Being Mary Jane being probably the best African-American show on TV right now.  I personally find the writing and the characters far more compelling than those on Empire, Scandal or even How To Get Away With Murder. Now some of you agreed and others thought I was nuts. 

Is Being Mary Jane Better Than Empire?

  • Loveeeeee it. I can relate to her. Mara Brock Akil is doing it!
  • I liked it, but it’s kinda a chick show and Gabrielle just always comes across as stuck up no matter what role she plays.
  • I just think it looks like my family and friends and is pretty daring in its side stories. I think it gets the accomplished/ hard working black family thing right … Good & Bad
  • I’m just glad we have good black content on TV
  • They cover a wide range of just real every day things
  • I love this show -girl!! Her trifling niece flares my nerves but we all have family like that—I love, love her relationship with her dad and it is great to see it shown on the tv screen. I love her mom as well and MJ her struggles are 100% relatable.
  • Being Mary Jane depresses me.


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