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Had a great conversation with a listener earlier today about how men treat her different since she took her weave out. In her opinion, they love fake hair.

Is natural hair sexy?


  • Depends on how she looks with both. Some women need to wear a weave.
  • I’ve heard a few women say they get approached less with natural hair
  • It depends; I’ve come across both. My ex preferred fake long hair and other men loved my natural hair 
  • Fake hair can be sexy too. If she likes fake hair, then hey do what floats your boat.
  • Men down here in Miami all cultures & ages really don’t care about’s all about the body & sexiness ..never mind if she can read, write or add 
  • I get way more attention when my curly hair is blown straight!
  • I love natural hair, but my sister wear fake hair, but you can’t tell the difference. We both get attention
  • All hair is sexy. Even bald or a number one. Maybe she didn’t exude confidence & what she put out there is what she probably got back. I’ve done it all.. and can say that I’ve never been treated differently.


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