Its no secret that the ladies love Michael b Jordan and with such an important election getting closer. he decided to use his sex appeal to encourage people to get out and vote. He posted a shirtless photo on social media on his Instagram account to his 14.9 million followers and after the response the […]

I saw a picture of Lisa Rinna (Actress/ RHOBH) on the beach with her daughters and her bikini was smaller than theirs. Some commented that she was competing with her daughters and it was a bad look. Do you think that once your daughters are in their late teens that a mom has to roll […]

Go ahead and have your period in these (non) granny panties.

People have gone Brangelina insane in the news about this divorce. Personally, I think they both may have been beautiful messes and that more than anything else may have ended things. Did you stay in a bad relationship a lot longer because your partner at the time was FINE? Not because he was fine. But […]

Tonight I shared a list of tips for being sexy even when it is hot. Did you know that working out is a great way to boost your sexy in warm weather? Yes! It makes your skin glisten and it boosts your sexy mood. Check out the full list of tips by CLICKING HERE.

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