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I saw a picture of Lisa Rinna (Actress/ RHOBH) on the beach with her daughters and her bikini was smaller than theirs. Some commented that she was competing with her daughters and it was a bad look.

Do you think that once your daughters are in their late teens that a mom has to roll back a bit of her sexy around her daughters to give them some space to celebrate theirs or should you always be your full sexy self no matter what?

  • No, she’s fine. She should continue to be herself. Not sure how a “mom” is competing with her “child” merely by the clothes she wears.

    I think that as a mom, no matter what age your children are, there are ways for you to celebrate your sexy, without looking like you are competing with your daughter or trying to relive some years you missed out on. I never want my girls to feel embarrassed or like I’m doing ‘too much’. Some things should just be left to them. Lol

  • Me personally I think a mom should always scale back her sexy around her kids. Show her girls how to be respected for more than having a sexy body. Yeah she can wear a bikini but she don’t have to wear a thong bikini.
  • I think we should look better than our kid’s, That should inspire them to look good
  • Dial it back yo. She IS NOT going to look as good as the kids