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I posted this earlier today on my personal Facebook page:

I think the Mayor’s plan to force liquor stores affected by the rioting to carry fresh food and essential groceries in order to get funds from the City to rebuild is a good idea. It will definitely alleviate food deserts in neighborhoods that need fresh food options. 

Here are some of your thoughts on it:

  • Yes, it’s too many anyway. We drove up Greenmount Ave from North Ave and started counting liquor stores. Some blocks had two and three. SMH
  • It was actually Councilman Scott’s idea and she supports. It’s a great idea. Healthy food leads to healthy lifestyle and longer lifestyles. We have no resources for healthy living in our neighborhoods which I feel has contributed to most of our illnesses. I think those non confirming liquor store establishments should transition to selling healthier items.
  • I have mixed reviews about it. I’m all for having fresh food and essential groceries, but it shouldn’t be in a liquor store. Fresh fruit next to a 6-pack of Bud Light doesn’t sound enticing at all. Reduce or consolidate the liquor stores in the respective areas, let the small stores sell food and groceries.
  • The “idea” is great… It’s the “implementation” and “regulation” that concerns me.