Anger, frustration and fear took over many Americans after Donald Trump's shocking presidential victory.

The Watts Rebellion, often referred to as the Watts Riot, began this day in 1965. Until 1992, it was the largest such disturbance the city has ever seen and historians point to a longstanding tension between police and the Black community as the impetus. Marquette Frye, then 21, and his brother Ronald were driving in […]

Voices of justice, including Bmore's hometown hero Aaron Maybin, return to Penn North on the 1-year anniversary of the unrest in Baltimore.

Baltimoreans gathered yesterday to rally in peace on the anniversary of the devastating Baltimore riots that spawned the idea of creating “One Baltimore.” Magic 95.9’s April Watts was on site to capture the reconciliation:          

Events to attend in support of the rebuilding of Baltimore and remembering Freddie Gray + exclusive video from Prince's "Rally 4 Peace" benefit concert.

I posted this earlier today on my personal Facebook page: I think the Mayor’s plan to force liquor stores affected by the rioting to carry fresh food and essential groceries in order to get funds from the City to rebuild is a good idea. It will definitely alleviate food deserts in neighborhoods that need fresh […]

An iconic image taken on April 25 by 26-year-old Baltimore resident Devin Allen is featured on this week’s issue of TIME Magazine. Allen took to…

Former Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis is heartbroken over the recent riots in Baltimore. The SuperBowl champ even passed up an opportunity to cover the NFL…