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Last week, we kicked off the Quarantine Awards with celebrities and influencers who won this inevitable lockdown. Aside from those who made a huge impact in quarantine, there are a number of businesses that racked in the money catering to the needs of its consumers.

Every year, folks set New Year’s resolutions that they only follow for about a week or two. https://twitter.com/Buriitanii/status/1212041624546611200 We all understand the internal battle of the new you emerging as the old self is trying to cling on. https://twitter.com/xsqoof/status/1212101564564795392 But you’re not alone. The idea of having a new year resolution started way before we […]

20 years ago, things were very different. To name the changes in society would take up another post. But one thing has remained fairly consistent: the dominance of the Williams sisters in tennis. And tonight, the rivalry and influence between Venus and Serena will be on full display during the Australian Open finals. They have played […]