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Lots of Kanye and Amber Rose drama on Wednesday with her shutting him down with a “butt” revelation. Tonight in the show I wanted to dig deeper into their mess by talking about if butts are forbidden. Some people say yes and others say all is fair in pleasure. Here are a few of your thoughts:

  • At the end of the day everyone does some freaky things in the bed room. Butt play just happened to be their. No it is not forbidden… If you are in love you are gonna do what ever it takes to keep ya significant other. If not you know who will. Stop saying it’s a gay thing all the time.
  • Nobody knows where the fingers goes when the door is closed
  • That’s something that some people are into and just like any relationship I think that’s something that should stay between that couple.
  • I think in sex nothing short of bringing in other people should be off limits. I try what you want then you reciprocate
  • Mine is off limits … But her’s is fair game
  • Huh….? everybody has their own preferences…. but, I think that that’s one place a man should not violate….!
  • I would kick him out if my house if that is requested
  • Nobody would ever admit it on FB if they have done it to somebody or if it was done to them. If you are with somebody you may be bound to do anything kinky especially if it is a long term partner or spouse. Just don’t let those secrets out, they stay in house