Multiple shot in NYC subway station; several undetonated devices found, officials say News broke this morning of a scary situation, another mass shooting took place. As a suspect entered a New York subway and opened fire and in the aftermath 10 people have been shot and a total of 16 injured so far.  According to […]

Grammys 2022: Complete list of nominees and winners The 64th Grammy awards… happened last night in Las Vegas… and musics biggest stars got all dressed up and came together to see who will be this years big winners and here are a few: Congratulations to Silk Sonic who has an amazing year with their album […]

Former KKK Leader Plans to Run for Commissioner of a Georgia County as a ‘White Civil Rights Activist’ So all kind of people with all kinds of backgrounds have run for various public offices in government and when it comes to the position of commissioner for one of the counties in Georgia well one candidate […]

The Buzz! They’ve been some high profile court cases recently but there’s another one that has been ongoing for quite some time now and that’s the R Kelly case.  Federal prosecutors are trying to get new evidence admitted in his upcoming New York trial.  The allegations include the abuse of teenage girls and women dating as far back […]

Syleena Johnson has some big releases coming out and she jumped in to The Lions Den to chop it up with Ryan Da Lion about her upcoming unsung episode airing on Tv One as well as the release of her newest album. Find out about how thankful she was for Kanye and the opportunity to […]

Twitter is still buzzin about Kanye’s twitter rants and his new found  love affair with Donald Trump.  After Kanye clapped back at John Legend pleading with bruh to not support Trump particularly since Legend says Trumps policies are so harmful to people of color, T.I. tried to intervene.  The rapper, actor, producer says he still […]

New details emerge about Kimye's surrogate mother

Lots of Kanye and Amber Rose drama on Wednesday with her shutting him down with a “butt” revelation. Tonight in the show I wanted to dig deeper into their mess by talking about if butts are forbidden. Some people say yes and others say all is fair in pleasure. Here are a few of your […]

Who would you kick out of bed? These guys are famous for their rants and thinking highly of themselves. — Who would you kick out of bed … Tyrese or Kanye? Kanye! Can’t stand his big chipmunk cheeks. I’m not a big fan of either one…so probably both! Kanye all day….loving Tyrese Kanye!!! Tyrese is […]

Our Quickie Morning Convo was about who you absolutely do not want to be stranded with in a ice storm: Any of the Kardashians- especially the younger girls, Miley Cyrus- can we say overexposed and famous for what reason? Kanye West because I have really tried to work with him because of the talent  and […]