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According to the Baltimore Sun, Marvin McKenstry, the chairman of the Civilian Oversight Task Force, was involved in a tense confrontation with police in East Baltimore last month after he refused approximately 60 requests to produce his license and registration.  McKenstry says it was an unlawful stop that occurred  after he left a hearing on […]

Singer R. Kelly is accused in numerous stories of sexually abusing underage women and keeping “sex pets.”  Reporter Jim DeRogatis reported  last year that three sets of parents claimed Kelly was holding their daughters in an “abusive cult”. But both the daughters  and Kelly deny the allegations. Last month, a Texas woman filed a complaint with […]

A powerful citywide art gallery and competition offered more than beautiful paintings and sculpture.  It was sponsored by The University of Maryland R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center Violence Prevention Program as a way to give kids a way to express how they feel about violence in Baltimore and the world.  Many children in the […]

Twitter is still buzzin about Kanye’s twitter rants and his new found  love affair with Donald Trump.  After Kanye clapped back at John Legend pleading with bruh to not support Trump particularly since Legend says Trumps policies are so harmful to people of color, T.I. tried to intervene.  The rapper, actor, producer says he still […]

Can you imagine going to the corner store to get a pack of not cigarettes but weed.  Well, Democratic candidates for governor are pushing for just that. The Baltimore Sun quoted  Democrat Alec Ross   in a video he produced in which he said  “We have a fully baked plan to legalize and regulate marijuana in the state […]

Legendary singer Roberta Flack  has been released and is being monitored after she was taken to the hospital by ambulance Friday night.  Roberta has had a stoke in the past.   The Killing Me Softly star was performing at the Apollo Theater in a charity concert for the Jazz Foundation of America.  According to TMZ, fortunately […]

According to the Baltimore Sun, the city may have just lost taxpayers over two million dollars from the purchase and sale of speed cameras.  Here’s what went down.  Baltimore officials paid $2.2 million to purchase its speed cameras from a company called Brekford Corporation in 2013.  But then a Baltimore Sun investigation of the cameras revealed […]

K. Michelle is opening up about her struggle with silicone butt injections, a popular method for many women to get that big phat booty. Cardi B just revealed that when she was stripping she paid $800 for silicone injections from a woman in a basement, and despite widespread leakage, she went back for a touch-up. […]

Why does this story matter? Check this: The Baltimore-based Sinclair Broadcast Company is the subject of controversy over its alleged support of Trump and letting that support influence its news reporting, raising concern about its lack of independence as a provider of news. The LA Times breaks it down: Deadspin, anchors at Sinclair stations across […]

Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty Jay Z spilled the tea with David Letterman on infidelity during his marriage with his gorgeous, boss wifey Queen Bee.  David and Jigga have unfaithfulness in common. In 2009, the then-“Late Night” host admitted to affairs with multiple female members on the show and claimed he had been the target […]