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When you see a married couple that appears on point are you jealous? I thought of this question while reading a lot of the online chatter about Actress Kim Fields and her family. People really seem to be in their feelings about her family and their closeness. When did it become cool to kick a family that appears to be working? Is it jealousy or is it justified? Check out some of your opinions.

  • I don’t know if single people are jealous of married couples, but I do hear a lot of she shouldn’t marry him. He’s no good for her. He’s just going to cheat on you boo’s. Myself, I’m not jealous, but there are times when I see couples pics that they post on social media, that I wish that I had someone that I could share good times like they do.
  • Nope, no one knows if they are happy or sad. We wear masks daily! However, if they are happy married or not, I am happy for them/anyone. Too busy doing “me.”
  • Yes yes yes yes yes. Me and my husband are in business and IN LOVE together. We work together, party together and live together. People scoff at our PDA. Sad. Side chicks and sad singles need to sit down and shut up
  • I use to be because of my failed marriage but now i look at happy couples as an example of what i maybe should have done ( although i will never get married again lol )
  • I think some people are while others become inspired. Depends on the persons personality and life experiences I think.
  • Not me! I have been married before but now I am happily divorced! I am happy to see devoted married couples!
  • Absolutely.. In fact you minimize your dealings with some single folks ..there is not much in common anymore..