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Tonight’s episode of Scandal makes it clear that Olivia is losing her power over the two men she once controlled like puppets—Jake and Fitz—and she can’t stand it! That is important, because Olivia seems to be visibly affected by this shift and even her gladiators are noticing. She hasn’t lost her footing just yet, but after the news she gets at the end of the episode, it’s safe to say that the break down is probably coming.

The episode opens with Olivia and Mellie getting along well. Mellie is signing copies of her finished book and she’s still trying to get Olivia to support her run for VP. Olivia doesn’t want to work Mellie’s campaign, but she does give her major advice, which is to get Fitz in her corner. This would mean that he can’t endorse Susan or any other candidate for VP. Later on in the episode, there was an awkward moment where Mellie walked in on Fitz gallivanting with the treasurer (she was wearing a bathrobe, so you know what that means). Obviously that didn’t go over well. The thing is, Mellie was about to leave their baby boy with Fitz, but she wasn’t feeling the random woman around her son so she took Teddy and bounced. You already know that Fitz is petty, so he ended up offering his endorsement to Susan.

Speaking of Fitz, he has been thotting around with a lot of different women and it’s not just rubbing Mellie the wrong way. Olivia isn’t feeling it and definitely not Abby. Olivia is low key jealous, but Abby is thinking about her career. Abby has at least managed to coerce Fitz into allowing her to make sure that these women are swept before getting down and dirty. No phones or digital devices, no stealing DNA! Nada!

Meanwhile, Jake and Olivia keep playing games with each other. Basically, Olivia has been following Jake around on his dates with his new boo because she thinks he’s up to something (he probably is). Jake later on shows up at her place while she’s sleeping, because, #CreepMode, and tries to seduce her. You know they’re kind of sick, so he starts being petty by asking her what she thinks of his new girlfriend while he’s playing “Fiddler on the Roof” (think dirty here, please). He then tells her that he knows she has been following him, but still won’t tell her what he’s up to…if anything. Eventually, Olivia stops their hot and heavy session and Jake leaves her frustrated. For the first time ever, Jake has the upper hand in this dynamic between them. He knows it and it feels good.

Cut to the end of the episode. Olivia stops by Poppa Pope’s house for dinner, where she spots Jake and his new girlfriend Vanessa. As it turns out, they are celebrating celebrating their engagement!


That was exactly the look on Olivia’s face. You know she threw back quite a few drinks that night. Anyway, we’ll pick this back up next week.


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