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Cuba Gooding Jr in a recent interview said that he takes his ex-wife on movie dates just to maintain a positive relationship between them for the kids. Should you still “court” your ex in a platonic way for the kids sake?

  • I spent 13 birthdays with my ex just so our child would not have to choose who to be with sine our birthdays are on the same day but once she got 18…i too was
  • I’m gonna be civil and respectful. Even might look out for her financially. Not doing dates.
  • It’s good to have a positive connection for the kids but if she’s in another relationship that probably wouldn’t go so well.
  • Just like OJ Simpson used to do with his ex, Nicole Brown…hhhmm?
  • The best way for my Ex-Husband to court me— is through my child. Pay your child support, Sir.