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OJ Simpson

American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson has been something of a marvel. The show is based on the trial of America’s favorite Heisman Trophy Winner, O.J. Simpson. While O.J. is obviously the most recognizable name, those unfamiliar with the details of the case have gotten to know Marcia Clark, the lawyer who led his prosecution. Many know what happened to O.J. after the trial, but Marcia disappeared from the public after she lost the case.

Holllyword Reporter’s Stephen Galloway decided to see what Marcia has been up to since one of the most famous trials in American history came to an end.

“Each day, she rises around 7, sits in her kitchen and types at her computer for several hours, then heads out to exercise. She works five days a week, but not sequentially, writing for two or three days, then taking a day off.

She has many close friends, including former Assistant DA Lynn Reed, an ex-colleague, and several in the entertainment business whom she won’t name. “They’re my Anonymous Industry Friends,” she quips.”

What many will undoubtedly want to know is how Marcia handled losing the trial. It’s something she spoke openly about.

“I didn’t go to work that day,” she says. “I didn’t have to. The case was over. I got the kids off to school. I drove up the coast to meet my friend for lunch. I was numb. I wanted relief.”

The profile piece is fantastic and sheds light on a forgotten player in American legal history.

SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter | PHOTO: Getty



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