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Nev Schulman and his girlfriend Laura Perlongo are going to have a baby! Generally, getting pregnant is seen by most people as a cause for joy and celebration. While the couple seem to be happy about it, it doesn’t look like that’s always been the case. Laura, in an exclusive article for ATTN, shared what eventually led to her and Nev becoming parents.

“After a few teary-eyed nights in an empty bathtub, I had made up my mind. Ultimately I didn’t believe I should deprive myself of a much-wanted experience because of stereotypical perceptions of what motherhood was supposed to look like,” she shared. “We can do it our way. Right? Nev and I. Other couples. Other moms. Our generation. Right? Yeah!”

Congratulations to the happy couple.



The world is filled with terrible people. George Zimmerman is definitely among those terrible people. It wasn’t enough for him to be found not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. George insists on finding new and ever more depressing ways to make his presence known. Today, a viral tweet alleged he’d sell the gun used to kill Trayvon. This might actually be a hoax, like the time everyone thought he sold a painting of Trayvon for $100K. If it is him, then it really is a shame that he doesn’t have enough shame to keep himself from doing this kind of crap.

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Amy Heckerling, creator of 1995’s cult classic Clueless, is being honored by Metrograph cinema. Metrograph will screen “four of Heckerling’s definitive films:Clueless, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Johnny Dangerously, and Look Who’s Talking.” She also took the time to talk to Vulture about her influences and thoughts on her legacy.

Metrograph will be showing your work, so you won’t be invisible there.

I am extremely uncomfortable with public speaking. In fact, I’m even uncomfortable in an office situation having to pitch something to people.

What do you do to prepare?

It’s not like I can do some yoga or relaxation and it helps me or anything. I can’t prepare; I’m just miserable. But the moments before are much worse than while you’re actually doing it.

The rest of the interview can be read here.

SOURCE: Vulture

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