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Tonight was all about answering your love questions. Here was my favorite one of the night:

Q. LaDawn, me and my girl have been together 6 months and we have rededicated ourselves to the Lord and we want to be celibate. The problem is that I am not sure we can do it because we have had a very active and adventurous sex life up to this time. Is it possible for a sexed up couple to become celibate?

A. Absolutely! It takes communication, clarity and an end goal. You guys need to talk about what celibacy is going to look like for the two of you. For some couples celibacy is nothing sexual at all and others it is everything but intercourse; so be clear. Also, it is critical that you have your why and your how long in place. Pursuing spirituality is a strong motivator to stay the course, but you need a time frame and end goals. How long until the engagement? How long until the wedding? End goals will keep you honest and dedicated. Celibacy without a payoff rarely sticks.