When you’re dating a few things are supposed to happen! But nowadays these things just don’t happen. You’re supposed to get nervous before the date, you’re supposed to take too long getting ready, the man is supposed to walk the lady home. And dates are supposed to be dinner! Netflix and chill is not […]

While dating there are sometimes warning signs that the relationship won’t work out. Unfortunately a lot of women ignore these signs. A lot of the time women ignore the fact that she and her man can’t agree on anything, he doesn’t like your friends and they don’t like him. Check out the full list in […]

A video of Jennifer Lopez from 2018 just resurfaced and it’s got the whole internet talking about when men actually mature, or in her words, actually become useful. The 49-year-old pop star made a pretty bold statement during an episode of Tinder’s Swipe Sessions series, where she gave dating advice to a woman named Brooke […]

So you want to show your boo a good time but you’re broke? Well don’t give up on date night! Here are a few low cost things that you could do! Try having a wine tasting night and only buy the wine that you can afford. Or you can just take a day off from […]

You may be dating a stalker if you can’t put your phone down for a few hours. If you don’t text him back and he freaks out and goes crazy on you he may be a stalker. If he asks your friends a lot of questions and tries to get a lot of information about […]

I think the conflict of the good guy versus the risky guy is being played perfectly on Being Mary Jane this season with Lee and Justin. Mary Jane knows Lee is the one, but can’t help but be drawn to Justin who she knows is not the one. She has even mocked Lee for being […]

Tonight was all about answering your love questions. Here was my favorite one of the night: Q. LaDawn, me and my girl have been together 6 months and we have rededicated ourselves to the Lord and we want to be celibate. The problem is that I am not sure we can do it because we […]

So many of you want a serious relationship, but you don’t realize that sometimes the way you date can be working against you developing a deep bond with someone new. I found a great article with pointers on how to best “date” to get to serious love. CLICK HERE for the full article. 

The Biden’s have a bit of love crazy going on with the widow of their son now dating their other son. The rumor is he left his wife to date his dead brother’s widow and the family is supportive. Could one of your siblings date your ex? Nope couldn’t do it! Once a young lady […]

Tyrese lauded his new wife’s “submissiveness” as one of the many traits that made him choose her. The word “submissive” can set people off. Should a wife be submissive? If a man asks for it, is it an automatic turn off? I do not like that word. It totally turns me off. Not interested in […]