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The Biden’s have a bit of love crazy going on with the widow of their son now dating their other son. The rumor is he left his wife to date his dead brother’s widow and the family is supportive.

Could one of your siblings date your ex?

  • Nope couldn’t do it! Once a young lady wanted to date my bro and me because she couldn’t make up her mind…lol
  • If I were dead it wouldn’t matter. It’s not a strange phenomenon actually. In some cultures, the brother marries his brother’s widow.
  • My sister and I have vastly different tastes so i don’t know that either one of us could want or be attracted to the others partner or spouse- that said this happens a lot more than people think. Remember the 9/11 widows and that whole scandal?
  • Karma is a B*tch. The man was already married. How terrible he is to leave his wife for his dead brother’s wife
  • I guess if I’m dead it doesn’t matter but it will be on and poppin if I am alive
  • I would LOVE that. He would drive her CRAZY! Lol


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