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This may be low even for Fox News standards.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham aimed pretty low at NBA superstar LeBron James over his remarks about Donald Trump. In a new video Podcast “Rolling With The Champion” with ESPN host Cari Champion, the Cleveland Cavaliers player and fellow star Kevin Durant among other things discussed social injustice,  the current climate in politics and Trump.

When Champion asked about his tweet calling Trump a “Bum” James didn’t hold back.

“The climate is hot. ” “The No. 1 job in America, the appointed person is someone who doesn’t understand the people. And really don’t give a f— about the people. When I was growing up, there was like three jobs that you looked [up to] for inspiration. It was the president of the United States, it was whoever was best in sports and it was the greatest musician.

“You never thought you could be them, but you can grab inspiration from them. I never felt I could be the president of the United States, but I grabbed inspiration from that. And this time right now, with the president of the United States, it’s at a bad time. And while we cannot change what comes out of that man’s mouth, we can continue to alert the people that watch us, that listen to us, (that) this is not the way.”


In response to the video, Ingraham blasted James saying:

I’m numb to this commentary, “like.” Must they run their mouths like that? Unfortunately, a lot of kids and some adults take these ignorant comments seriously. Look, there might be a cautionary lesson in Lebron for kids. This is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the NBA. And it’s always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid $100 million a year to bounce a ball. Oh, and Lebron and Kevin, you’re great players, but no one voted for you. Millions elected Trump to be their coach. So keep the political commentary to yourself, or as someone once said, shut up and dribble.

Some would have that James, a high school graduate is more mature than both #45 and Ingraham. To call James and Durant pretty much dumb athletes is irresponsible but she works for Fox News and this is what they do.

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