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The Enemy Within - Pilot

Source: NBC / Getty

“There are two sides to every treason”… The Enemy Within

Morris Chestnut is back on TV. This time he is bringing all types of intense drama, suspense, and of course eye-candy to NBC’s The Enemy Within. A real spy drama, Morris plays Will Keaton, an FBI agent who must work with America’s greatest traitor, Erica Shepherd to get the job done. caught up with the actor during SCAD aTVfest 2019 in Atlanta, GA to discuss his latest drama series, the importance of trust, and why The Enemy Within is good TV for NBC.

Congratulations on The Enemy Within. We can’t wait to see the drama unfold.

Morris Chestnut:

Thank you!

Let’s talk about trust.

Morris Chestnut:


Why is it so important to you and especially your role in The Enemy Within?

Morris Chestnut:

Why is trust so important? Trust is important in this role because at a certain point in order for me to accomplish certain things with my job, I have to have a certain level of trust. As you will see in the show – other people haven’t been so trustworthy. That’s the challenge – to trust.

And can we talk about who that person is?

Morris Chestnut:

That person is my co-star Erica Shepherd played by Jennifer Carpenter. When the story opens I am pursuing her character because she is a traitor. She committed treason and she is also responsible for the death of my fiancée. At one point she’s giving me all this information. I don’t know what information that I can trust and what I can’t. I have to determine that all while being in a fast-paced pursuit of other villains.

The Enemy Within - Season Pilot

Source: NBC / Getty

You’ve played so many characters throughout the course of your career. You are doing network television again. Tell us, what attracted you to the story. Also, take us through that moment when you got the script in your hand.

Morris Chestnut:

So, I just finished Rosewood. Rosewood was fun and light. My manager sent me this script and while reading it I was really involved in the character. I was engaged with the story. When I got to the ending of the pilot I was like wow! – I didn’t see the ending coming. The character was very dynamic. I wanted to get back to doing something that was more challenging dramatically. This was it.

What’s it like for you to go from the big screen working on those big box office films to working on 30 minutes to hour projects?

Morris Chestnut:

It is a blistering pace. That’s the most challenging part. Most of the times, that’s the only drawback to doing television. The material nowadays – most are big blockbuster comic book, Black Panther, The Avengers – big ticket type films. So, a lot of the really good material is also going to television. However, the challenge with doing network TV is that you don’t have time to prepare, because it is so fast paced.

In this role you are very stoic and focused. What makes you weak and what makes you fold?

Morris Chestnut:

There is going to be a lot of vulnerability that you see and it all relates to my fiancée that I lost. You will see the moments when I have to trust and sometimes I am burned by that trust. You will see me vulnerable.

In sync with that – let’s talk about sacrifices. Erica Shepherd didn’t want to lose her daughter. You lost your fiancée. Let’s talk about some other sacrifices that you had to go through in The Enemy Within.

Morris Chestnut:

The FBI and the CIA – they don’t have a good relationship. The FBI is more by the book and the CIA are more like cowboys who go and do whatever they want to get the job done. The FBI somewhat resents the CIA. So, part of the sacrifice is having to work with someone who Will feels is responsible for the death of his fiancée, while working with others from the CIA.

Why is The Enemy Within good for NBC?

Morris Chestnut:

The one thing that I love about NBC is that they really focus on diversity. They don’t just talk about it – they are definitely about it. We have diversity in front of the camera and behind the camera. We have diversity with our PA’s, writers, directors, and the crew. There is so much diversity. I am proud to be on a network that emphasizes that in the workplace.

The Enemy Within premieres on February 25 / Mondays 10/9C.

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