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Public Enemy live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Welp it looks like there wont be a Public Enemy reunion anytime soon as the verbal barbs between Flava Flav and Chuck D rages on. It all started when Flava sent out a cease and assist order reguarding Bernie Sanders advertising that “Public Enemy” was endorsing the presidential candidate. Flava made it clear that it was Chuck D’s” Public Enemy Radio that was actually endorsing Bernie not the group. Furthermore, Flava went on a twitter rampage yesterday stating ‘You cant kick him out of PE, cause there is no PE without him!” Not to mention that he and Chuck are equal partners in Public Enemy so one cant kick the other out periodT. Flava continues stating that Chuck is trying to destroy something they’ve built over 35 years over POLITICS!?” Flava was also very clear about his addiction saying that he has been clean for years past 10 years so his judgement is not clouded. And all he wants to do is resolve this and put it behind him but Chuck wont take his calls! #TheSLP

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