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Zena Foster knows a thing or two about beauty. Growing up with a mother who was a hairstylist at their local hair salon, Foster has experienced the beauty industry from a bird eye’s view. With roots embedded in the beauty business, it’s no wonder the wife to R&B superstar Tank and mother of two is not only stunning on the outside, but equally gorgeous underneath all the glam. Her secret? Self-care, specifically at-home, where she prioritizes taking care of herself using spa-like treatments without ever having to leave her fortress.

Zena’s love for self-care and all things beauty led her to create Zena Foster Beauty where she now shares her self-care mantra with others. Her signature beauty tool is the Polished Exfoliating Mittens, which grew in popularity after a BeautyCon drop in 2017 and a major co-sign from Kim Kardashian. Now, she’s expanded the Zena Foster Beauty collection to include additional beauty tools like the Sonic Gold Beauty Bar and the High Roller Face and Body Massager to help both men and women achieve glowing skin results that you’d otherwise only get at the spa.

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In celebration of her line’s expansion, we recently caught up with the beauty maven to discuss all things Zena Foster Beauty, her favorite Zena Foster products and even what she and the Babbs bunch have been up to in quarantine.  

“Everything actually is going pretty good,” she told HelloBeautiful about quarantining at home with her husband, Tank, and two children, Zoey and Zion. “[But] it was very stressful at the beginning. To have everybody here at the same time, 24 hours a day, all the time, was starting to drive me nuts! But then, we figured out a way and found a routine.”

Part of Zena’s routine includes expanding her beauty brand to feature more products that are not just for women but are actually perfect for the whole family. “I don’t want to gear it towards any specific gender, I want everybody to use it,” she explained. “Even my husband [Tank] uses it. He uses the exfoliating mitts all the time in the shower. I [also] have so many girlfriends and people that post videos and tag me and their husbands are using their mittens in the shower and trying to scrub their back or their arm or asking their wife like, ‘hey can you get my back while I’m in the shower?’ I love seeing it! I love seeing men taking care of themselves. I just think it’s awesome that they show that side!” 

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In addition to the the popular Polished Exfoliating Mittens, Zena Foster Beauty recently added the battery operated Sonic Gold Beauty Bar and the manual High Roller Face and Body Massager to the collection, both to which Zena says “produce very similar benefits, it just depends on what style you like to use.”

She continued, “The Sonic Gold Beauty Bar basically stimulates the tiny blood vessels under the surface of your skin. It also helps to relieve tension. A lot of girls do face masks and when you have the mask on, you can use this and slide it over your face to help penetrate whatever’s in the mask deeper into your skin.” 

She also revealed a secret beauty hack that comes with using the Sonic Gold Beauty Bar, which can help take your makeup look to the next level. “It also helps with deep contouring your face and lymphatic draining, which is a huge beauty fad right now,” she explained. “So, if I have a photo shoot or if I’m going out to dinner and going to do makeup, I always make sure that I use the Sonic Gold Beauty Bar to contour my face a little bit before I apply, that way I don’t have to contour my face with as much makeup.” Total game changer! 


On the other hand, when it comes to the High Roller Face and Body Massager, although it has similar benefits to the Sonic Gold Beauty Bar, Zena says this is the tool “you can use all over your body.” She continued, “it’s manual so you have to do a little bit more work but I love it because it has stones in it and helps diminish signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles. I always travel with mine because I roll over my face and I feel like it’s a bit more energized and enhanced after I do. You can use this prior to makeup as well.”

While Zena swears by both products, she names the Exfoliating Mitts as her favorite beauty tool in the collection so far, lovingly calling the product her baby. “I’ve had so many people rave about it and say that it really changed their skin,” she excitedly told us. “Girls go on vacation and want their skin to look polished, but you can’t really achieve that unless you’re exfoliating. People think, ‘oh I can use body butters and I can do oils’ but at the end of the day, you want your fresh skin revealed,” which Zena explains can only happen through exfoliating. 

She did, however, give a playful warning that exfoliating for the first time might feel a little weird when seeing dead skin clay up after a good scrub, but she assured us that it’ll all be worth it in the end. “When you use it, it’s a little weird because you can see your dead skin almost clay up on the black mitten. It’s really gross, but it’s also really refreshing at the same time to know you got that off of you. You put soap, body butters and different things on your body and that’s clumping and clogging up your pores. When you go to scrub, you’re eliminating all of that and basically giving your skin a new fresh layer!”  

I’m sold! Each Zena Foster Beauty tool offers great benefits to help keep us up our beauty routines right at home. The best part? Each product is super affordable and conducive to anyone’s daily lifestyle. As Zena told us, “there are a couple other brands that have similar products but I feel like my main thing is the price point. A lot of times people tend to overcharge things and it doesn’t need to be that expensive. Right now, people aren’t working and if they still want to splurge a little and take care of themselves, they can!”

I’ll take one of each, please!


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