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Sexual abuse on males is not only one of the most underreported crimes, but it also can be one that many don’t take seriously if the perpetrator is a woman.

A similar situation is currently at hand for The Wire actor Gbenga Akinnagbe, who pressed sex abuse charges against his ex-girlfriend for grabbing his butt on two separate occasions. His ex however, journalist Lola Adesioye, is saying that his claims are not only 100% false but that any contact between the two was 100% consensual.


Here’s some background info on the case, via New York Post:

“Akinnagbe — who played murderous drug organization enforcer Chris Partlow across three seasons of the acclaimed HBO crime drama — alleged that Lola Adesioye grabbed his buttocks during two separate encounters in May and June 2020, according to a criminal complaint.

Adesioye, a journalist whose work has appeared in outlets including The Guardian and the New Statesman, was arrested on May 26, 2021 and hit with charges including forcible touching, sexual abuse and harassment, public records show.

But Adesioye’s attorney, Robert Gottlieb, said Monday that they had evidence showing that Adesioye and Akinnagbe were in a consensual relationship, including three binders filled with flirty text messages exchanged between the pair since they met at a party in 2019, as well as photos of them together.”

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The Post went on to, well, post a photo of the two together, and we’ve got to admit they look rather close and cozy. That’s not to say that a spouse and/or significant other can’t assault their partner solely because they’re in a relationship, but the past  history between these two specifically, both on a personal and professional level, makes his claims seem a bit faulty.

In addition to the archived texts that prove they were intimate, Adesioye also physically moved into a property owned by Akinnagbe and ended up falling short on rent after not getting paid for all the press work she was doing for him. After their initial civil lawsuits against each other were settled — hers for labor, his for back rent — it was only then that he fired back with the sex assault charges.

Gottlieb, who calls the charges “blatantly false,” is hoping the judge sees this as nothing more than a case of a spited lover, telling The Post, “I’m hoping that the district attorney will do the right thing and dismiss the case.” Although the trial was set for today (August 2), the criminal case got postponed to Aug. 10 after prosecutors said they were not fully prepared.

We’d like to think that Gbenga Akinnagbe wouldn’t make light of something so serious as sexual assault in order to get back at his ex, but sadly the facts are starting to look that way. Let us know what you think about the situation.

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