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Black Woman Still Detained In Dubai For Screaming In Public, Faces Jail Time

A black woman and Social Media Influencer is not having fun in Dubai.  

The authorities detained her after charging her with allegedly screaming in public.

According to the young woman’s Mother, her daughter was a passenger in a friend’s rental car when they got into an accident. After the accident, she went to the rental car company to retrieve the items left in the vehicle. However, the rental car company informed her that she could only receive her belongings if she paid an undisclosed amount.

A very hostile young man dealt with her at the rental car business. The man screamed at her, and when she yelled back, the authorities charged her daughter with “the crime” of screaming.

A surveillance camera captured the argument, and that footage is likely to be used as evidence.

Authorities are holding her passport and barring the woman from leaving until the investigation ends.

Her attorney in Dubai has advised her that she could face prison time because of the surveillance video showing her screaming.

The Department of State warns that the laws governing public behavior in the UAE differ significantly from those in the United States. “Public decency and morality laws are much stricter in the UAE.” They advise Americans to consider these distinctions before visiting the predominantly Muslim country.

Source: Essence