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Charlie Sheen 53 Stefan Kendall Gordy 43 DJ Envy 41 Shaun White 32 August Alsina 26

Two years after the epic, unexpected feud, Charlie Sheen's still being disrespectful.

In an interesting twist to an already controversial story, Charlie Sheen revealed he temporarily went off his HIV medications.

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The new 'Kimoji' app filled with Kardashian-themed emojis is reportedly making around $1 million per minute.

Actress/Comedian Luenell gets candid with April Watts about Charlie Sheen‘s recent announcement that he’s HIV positive.

Yesterday, Charlie Sheen vowed he would stop paying off the women who have been keeping his HIV status secret over the last four years, but it might not be that easy.

Magic Johnson wants Charlie Sheen on his team in the fight against HIV. If you’ve paid any attention to TV or online news, you know by now that Charlie Sheen has confirmed that he’s HIV positive. As another celebrity with HIV, Magic took the opportunity to reach out and show his support. “I wish @CharlieSheen […]