2/9/17- The Celebrity Snitch is handing out Valentine’s Day treats just in time for love’s biggest holiday. Listen to the funny below.

  1/3/17-The Celebrity Snitch reveals what kind of women Drake, aka the king of Panties, likes. You might want to make sure there are no kids around for this one.

1/2/17- Mariah Carey’s singing (or lack thereof) and Don Lemon’s piercing live on television left viewers in for a treat during Dick Clark’s NYE special. Find out what else the Comedian Snitch says about the annual event.

  12/9/16- Find out who the Celebrity Snitch has crowned as this week’s Bamma and listen to the hilarious contenders that almost took the title!    

  11/28/16- What’s the latest in the Kardashian family? Find out how the celebrated their Thanksgiving and much more. Listen above to the funny!  

9/27/16- Find out who the Celebrity Snitch says should be the next presidential debate moderator. You’ve got to hear him weigh in on this one!

8/9/16- Find out why the Celebrity Snitch says Michael Phelps is now gangster Phelps and how he would’ve helped RHOA’s Porsha Williams big ol hazards after an accident that landed her in the hospital.

7/15/16- Find out why the Celebrity Snitch awarded Chris Christie as this week’s Bamma of the Week. It may be kind of obvious but you’ve got to listen to the funny!

7/12/16- Find out why the Celebrity Snitch says that Baby Future has a new daddy. And yes, it has everything to do with Russell Wilson. Listen to the funny above!

7/6/16- Find out why the Celebrity Snitch is using the hashtag #CouldntBeMe and listen to him share the latest lies from lying Brian Williams.