kenny k

The Tom Joyner Morning Show‘s TJMS Tour was in Baltimore last week to celebrate Tom’s 20-year radio anniversary. The whole crew including Tom, Sybil, J. Anthony Brown and Huggy Lowdown took over happy hour at the Horseshoe Casino‘s 14Forty. Baltimore came out to show so much love and the TJMS loved every minute of it. […]

I had so much fun filling in for Randy Dennis the last two weeks at Melba’s Place. It was too cool to meet all of you!! Had to send a HUGE thank you out to my team that made it all come together: Lee Cross, DJ Mike Crosby, DJ Kenny K, Ted Skola, Davey D, […]

  There is nothing like a long holiday weekend to bring out all the relatives and friends you would rather not see! How do you keep cool when people want to pluck your nerves? Here are some great tips for dealing with difficult people.

The Back in the Day Buffet w/ Kenny K was all about those artists you wish would make a HUGE comeback: Big Daddy Kane Slick Rick Brownstone Salt n Pepa Pete Rock & CL Smooth Kid n Play Doug E Fresh Zhane Kurtis Blow MC Lyte Silk    

The Back in the Day Buffet with Kenny K was fun because we were talking about that thing that reminds you of your childhood. Here are some of the top comments: Big Wheels Cabbage Patch Dolls High Top Fades Fashion Plates Bell Bottoms Mohawks Sit and Spin Cheese – my mom wouldn’t put it on […]

During the Back in the Day Buffet w/ Kenny K we shouted out the places we hate to go. Here are the top answers: MVA Child Support Work Jury Duty Social Services Post Office Dentist Car Dealership Dentist especially with kids Walmart on Washington Blvd

The Back in the Day Buffet with Kenny K focused on the piece of advice that your parents were right about: Every man you meet don’t mean you gotta have a baby with them My marriage would not last! You gonna have a daughter just like you, so you can go through what I went […]

We added a bit of fun to the Back in the Day Buffet with Kenny K today with all of the fashions that a “grown person” should never ever rock: Tongue Ring Uggs on a foot larger than a 9 Cartoon Rainboots Sagging Pants Cornrows Bad Bra Leggings Tights as Leggings Koolaid Eye Shadow Colors A […]

Walmart recently got in trouble placing fox meat in its donkey meat for the China market. Our Back in the Day Buffet Battle was all about the food that you don’t understand why people eat it: Chitterlings – the smell that it leaves in your house when you’re cooking it… my problem is what it […]

The Back in the Day Buffet Battle was all about weddings. So many listeners got engaged over the holiday weekend I needed to know: Which is more important a BIG Ring or BIG Wedding? Wedding ring with a commitment Neither, the commitment is more important to me than the ring and the ceremony. I want […]