Lavell Crawford

3/10/17- Happy Lavell Crawford Friday! The TJMS crew run through the morning’s headlines including an update on Faizon Love’s airport brawl, the retailer celebrating an epic birthday and find out what actress used to be a phone sex operator. Listen below.

1/24/17- It’s a Lavell Crawford kind of Tuesday on the TJMS! Find out about the funny man’s new bit, The Fat Man’s Corner, why the Devil Worshipers for Trump make him nervous and much more! Listen below.

1/20/17- How does Lavell feel about the stars performing for Donald Trump at his Inauguration? Listen below and let us know if you agree?

1/7/16- Comedian Lavell Crawford says he knows the reason Serena Williams lost her first game of the year and it has everything to do with her relationship status. Listen above for the funny!

    Comedian Lavell Crawford will be at the Baltimore Comedy Club August 4th-7th. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his 125lb weight loss and what prompted him to live a healthier lifestyle. The funny man also reveals his view on politics.   What did he do with his old clothes? “I […]

  Comedian and Actor Lavell Crawford is part of Earthquake’s Father’s Day comedy show at NJPAC this Sunday, June 19th. He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his fondest memories of wanting to be like Prince and why he thinks Father’s Day gets a bad rap. On Father’s Day: “It’s the most neglected holiday […]

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