sidney poitier

The death certificate for recently deceased Hollywood icon Sidney Poitier has officially revealed what caused his passing, which is reportedly due to a combined diagnosis of heart failure, Alzheimer's dementia and a battle with prostate cancer. 

The entertainment world is still in mourning following the loss of veteran Hollywood icon Sidney Poitier, and it looks like he'll be honored by longtime friend Oprah Winfrey in a documentary on his life currently in production over at Apple.

Sidney Poitier’s death make some of his movies even more important to black culture. To celebrate him we’ve created a list of Sidney Poitier moves that every black person should watch.

Our beloved, Sidney Poitier, the legendary actor, pioneer, trailblazer and activist who broke many racial and color barriers in the entertainment industry, starring some of Hollywoods most iconic movies ever, has passed away at 94. Sidney Poitier was the first black actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1964 for his starring […]

A play about legendary actor, director and activist Sidney Poitier is coming to Broadway.

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